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Roya Destiny Inc in Administrative Support, Social Media services, Marketing, Graphic Design located in Dallas, Texas.
Roya Destiny Inc in Administrative Support, Social Media services, Marketing, Graphic Design located in Dallas, Texas.

Roya Destiny Inc

  Dallas, Texas, 75126
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Supercharge your life with Roya Destiny where we make your life easier!!!!! Roya Destiny provides corporations and individuals with business and personal support. Can a Virtual Assistant help your small business? Yes, we can!!!!!! We take away the stressful day to day busy work.  Use this time that has been given back to you to focus more on your craft and taking your business to the next level. The process for hiring our company is a simple one. 

Allow our Virtual Assistants to assist with making your dreams reality. Our virtual assistants offer a wide array of services included but not limited to the following

  • ​Social Media Marketing & Branding
  • Website Creation & Content Writing

  • Marketing Sales & Advertising

  • Project Management

  • Billing & Collections

  • Administration & Personal Assistance

  • Customer Services 

  • Human Resources

  • Calendar, Meetings, Email & Travel Management


We can handle specialized services that other firms don’t by offering many skillsets within one company one invoice and most importantly one vendor. With Roya, you have access to a full team of professionals who are knowledgeable in the areas of administration executive assistant, marketing, graphic, sales and so much more.


While we do offer a variety of services at this time Roya Destiny Virtual Solutions does not offer the following services

  • Receiving Inbound Calls

  • Legal

  • In-person tasks

Other Details

Number of years in business: 3 year(s)

Number of employees: 4 people

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Roya Destiny Inc Reviews

Portfolio (past work)
Yelp & BBB Rating (self-assessment)
  • BBB Rating: A+

What should the customer know about the quality of your service?
Roya stands out from others because of the heart and passion we put into our work. Our hearts are in every keystroke, every phone call and every letter we send out. I take on a project as though I am the CEO of that company. I only submit perfection and accept nothing less.

What is your typical process for working with a new customer?
Step 1 the Discovery Call (allows us to learn more about the project and the Client) Step 2 Contract and Invoice is submitted Step 3 Client Portal is established along with Trello Step 4 Client loads all important data to Trello Step 5 is the onboarding Call to learn more about the system's passwords and so forth the Client has in place That's a rap we begin the work process.

How long have you been working in your field of service(s)?
I have been working in this field for the last three(3)years and it has been an amazing feeling.

How much do you enjoy offering your service(s) to your customers?
I really enjoy working with my clients assisting them with making their dreams reality. The services that Roya Destiny offers take your business from the beginning to a fully operating business.

What would your best customer say about you?
My best customers would say that I am hardworking, goal-oriented and structured. They will tell you that I pay very close attention to detail.

Describe why you think a customer should hire you?
You should hire Roya Destiny because we go above and beyond for our clients. We are your one-stop for great customer services, professional, and hardworking team that you want to on your team.